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The governments strategy is simply unsustainable, and at the very least Parliament needs to be allowed to debate it.

I woke up angry this morning, not sure why, but I was in no mood for fools. It didn't help my state of mind when I read a tweet issued by Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Health & Social Care to give him his full title. He said;

Our strategy is to suppress coronavirus while protecting our economy & education until a vaccine arrives.

Until a vaccine arrives? We were told earlier this year that a vaccine could be available in the late summer, then they hoped it might be ready by the end of the year. The truth is they do not know when or even if a vaccine will ever be available. It could be months, it could be years, it could be never. We must learn to live alongside the virus, protect the vulnerable but otherwise try to get back to some semblance of normality. The alternative is the utter shattering of the economy, people losing their livelihoods and homes, and more people dying needlessly from illnesses other than the coronavirus.

The governments strategy is simply unsustainable, and at the very least Parliament needs to be allowed to debate it.

30th September 2020

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The data being used to justify the restrictions is disputed and controls are being imposed on the nation without any scrutiny whatever by Parliament

Boris Johnson yesterday announced further restrictions, suggesting that they could go on for as long as another six months if the number of cases of covid-19 continued to rise. This followed the press conference on Monday when the government's chief medical advisors warned that case numbers were growing at an alarming rate and action was needed to slow the spread of the virus.

There are some scientists who take a different view, who dispute the figures cited on Monday and question the need for a further tightening of restrictions. They disagree that infections or deaths will be anything like as bad as the government scientists would have us believe.

I worry that the measures being taken go too far. If we consider that In August, the top 10 reasons for death did not include the coronavirus, while for men under 55 there is a greater risk of being killed in a motor accident than succumbing to covid-19. The ongoing restrictions will destroy the livelihoods of many people. With the furlough scheme set to end shortly, many are likely to be made redundant, and of those some are at risk of losing their homes.

I remain of the view that the devastation of the economy and the resultant detrimental effects on the health and wellbeing of us all will be so much worse than the effect of the coronavirus. The actions being taken to control the virus are draconian and out of proportion to the risk it poses. The data being used to justify the action is disputed and is being imposed on the nation without any scrutiny whatever by Parliament.

Most worrying of all Mr Johnson has suggested that the army might be drafted in to assist the police enforce the restrictions. Are we soon to see armed soldiers on the streets of the UK?

23rd September 2020

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Amidst the mayhem and uncertainty, the government has proven to be next to useless.

We are now officially into autumn. The days are shortening noticeably, but it has remained warm and pleasant. The summer madness that has afflicted society also continues unabated.

This week has seen a growing number of people testing positive for the coronavirus, the numbers increasing at a rate similar to that experienced in February. However, the numbers being admitted to hospital has not risen at the same alarming rate it did in the spring. The experts cannot explain why this might be.

There are numerous local restrictions in place, and talk of another nationwide lockdown. An assortment of malcontents, opposed to lockdowns, face masks and vaccines, were out on the streets of London over the weekend to protest against the current measures and the consequent impingement on civil liberties. Some violence ensued as the police tried to control the demonstration.

The culture wars show no signs of ending. What I find odd is that we are told we live in a multi cultural society, that we should celebrate and embrace diversity, but it is only white/European culture that has to confront its history, that has to change. Say the same of any other culture, and you would be denounced as a racist.

Some footballers have taken the brave step of refusing to take the knee before every match, and of course they are vilified by some for doing so. Their refusal to kneel put me in mind of a paragraph written by Hannah Arendt in her book The Origins of Totalitarianism;

Men have been found to resist the most powerful monarchs and to refuse to bow down before them, but few indeed have been found to resist the crowd, to stand up alone before misguided masses, to face their implacable frenzy without weapons and with folded arms to dare a no when a yes is demanded.

The demands of BLM and their acolytes, expecting all to kneel before them, and dispensing swift and sometimes violent penalties against those who don't, is the very definition of totalitarianism. They have become the very thing they profess to oppose.

Amidst the mayhem and uncertainty, the government has proven to be next to useless. Their policies change from week to week, there is no consistency, no obvious route out of the current crisis. Boris Johnson is rarely seen and there is a complete lack of leadership. It feels as if the country is drifting. People are concerned, if not scared; the pandemic is out of control, we are worried about job security, and whether some will be able to keep a roof over their heads.

To continue drifting risks deepening the divisions within society. If Mr Johnson cannot provide the strong leadership this country needs he should step aside and let someone who has the capability take his place.

21st September 2020

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Widening the divisions helps no one; sadly the mixed and sometimes vitriolic reaction to their performance clearly shows that that is precisely what Diversity managed to do.

What is it about the Diversity dance act that I object to? Ashley Banjo, the groups spokesman, when responding to the criticism of the routine said;

We stood up and said that racism is real, and as far as we are concerned, it has to change and it will not be tolerated, because Black Lives Matter.

The performance was in part a response to the killing of George Floyd. The manner of Mr Floyd's killing was horrendous, and the officers involved should face the full force of the law; that I do not disagree with. Furthermore, the opprobrium heaped upon Mr Banjo following the performance has been shocking.

Mr Banjo is clearly an articulate, hard working individual who is enjoying great success, and deservedly so. He is the complete antithesis of George Floyd who, in 2009 was sentenced to five years in prison follwoing an armed robbery and a home invasion. Before that he had been convicted on charges ranging from theft with a firearm to drugs.

The only factor that Mr Banjo and Mr Floyd appeared to have had in common was the colour of their skin. Which brings me to my first objection, the notion that the lives of all black people is defined by racism. The arguments currently being made about the quality of life “endured” by black people is entirely one dimensional. The arguments do not take account of education, parental support, criminality, cultural differences,and so forth. I don't disagree that racism exists, but if that was the sole factor affecting the lives of black people how does one explain the differences in outcomes for Mr Floyd and various black business people, scientists, celebrities, etc, including Mr Banjo, who have made a success of their lives?

I simply do not accept the argument that all black people are the victims of circumstances beyond their control.

The killing of Mr Floyd occurred in America, not the UK. Which brings us to my second objection. Diversity's performance took place against a backdrop of fire and riots, the performers dressed to appear like an armed militia. What was portrayed was the reaction in America to Mr Floyd's death, not that in the UK. What seems to have been forgotten by the media, and repeated in this performance, is that the UK is not America. This country's relationship with minority communities is not the same as in the U.S. I object to the import into the UK of an American societal problem. Yes we have our issues, but the UK is one of the most tolerant societies in the world. The black lives matter agenda may have its place in America, but in the UK it risks creating divisions where none existed before.

I am not a racist. I believe everyone, whatever their background, should be treated fairly and with respect. Widening the divisions helps no one; sadly the mixed and sometimes vitriolic reaction to their performance clearly shows that that is precisely what Diversity managed to do.

15th September 2020

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How can any right minded person think that castigating the people, culture and history of the host nation will bring an end to racism?

I wrote the following back in September 2018;

Apparently next week is Cultural Diversity Week, and it seems that my employer is wholeheartedly supporting this initiative. There will be videos and seminars, and no doubt every senior member of the management team will be issuing emails extolling the virtues of multiculturalism. I have no doubt it will also be one of the topics at the next training meeting.

The company is not alone, all big businesses are trying to portray themselves as woke, to ensure there is no backslash from the illiberal left, to ensure they can continue to sell products to those who self define as Communist anti-capitalists. The irony of the situation.

The vehemence directed at persons or organisations that do not accept the diversity and multicultural agenda is fierce and one can understand why most feel it is easier simply to accept the dogma rather than question it. But does diversity training really encourage inclusion?

How can emphasising the differences help us forget the differences? How can diversity training reduce the notion of us and them that underpins racist attitudes? Surely the way to bring people of all backgrounds together is to emphasise those aspects that unite us. So in the case of our employment, the fact we work for the same business, we work as a team, we all have broadly similar goals and aspirations, and we all want to succeed.

It seems a simple enough notion to me, but I suspect mine will be a lone voice at next week’s meeting.

Two years on, and the madness continues. Now it is not enough to accept the notion that cultural diversity brings nothing but benefits. Now we must also accept that all white people are inherently racist, that we must apologies for the wrong doings of people long dead and that the history of the indigenous majority must be “decolonised”. Continued unchecked we will be expected to enthusiastically accept all cultures, with the exception of our own, which we will be required to denounce.

How can this be right? How can any right minded person think that castigating the people, culture and history of the host nation will bring an end to racism? It won't, but of course we know that isn't the aim of #BLM and its ilk. Racial disharmony is big business; just look at the amounts pledged to BLM UK, and you will see there are plenty of people who have a vested interest in promoting and continuing disharmony.

It is time, whatever your skin colour or racial background, to start pushing back, to stand as one against their destructive agenda.

8th September 2020

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How can businesses survive in this climate?

I've walked into the city for the first time since lockdown began and it is so strange. It is a Friday morning but the streets are virtually empty. Some familiar shops have closed down since I was last here, whilst those that are open appear devoid of customers.

The usual throng of tourists is also missing. Pre-lockdown, large groups of Chinese or European visitors would follow their flag waving tour guides, taking in the sights of this beautiful city.

How can businesses survive in this climate? Our towns and cities need to be open, to be able to welcome shoppers and tourists. The on-going lockdown will cause untold damage to the economy, and for what purpose? Excess deaths are presently lower than they were this time last year. Studies have also established it is the elderly and those with underlying conditions who are at greatest risk from covid. We should protect those groups, but the rest of us should be allowed, indeed encouraged, to get back to work.

If we don't, the economy will continue to wither, tax revenues will shrink, and who then would pay for the NHS? In that scenario, how many more lives would be needlessly lost?

21st August 2020

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Don't they see the irony that they, from their privileged positions, are berating a society that has allowed them to make a success of their lives?

I imagine that the white homeless people one sees sleeping rough in the city centres are so grateful to have enjoyed the benefits of white privilege. And I'm sure people from the BAME communities appreciate their skin colour being likened to a disability.

Have you noticed that those who preach about the evils of white privilege are very often celebrities of colour? Don't they see the irony that they, from their privileged positions, are berating a society that has in fact allowed them to make a success of their lives? Why can't those black people who have succeeded in business, sport, the arts, etc, tell us how they realised that success?

Rather than promulgating division and disharmony, I for one would much rather learn how they succeeded. They are exemplars of what can be achieved in modern Britain, and they could be an inspiration to all, regardless of racial or social backgrounds.

7th August 2020

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The lockdown madness is set to continue for some time

In recent weeks the pubs and restaurants have been allowed to open. I have enjoyed visiting favourite watering holes, sitting around with friends and family talking and drinking real cask ales! It is though a little strange being served by staff wearing masks, but if that is the price we have to pay for a degree of normality, I can live with it.

As for the schools, can you believe that after being closed between March and July, they reopened for a couple of weeks, and then promptly closed again for the summer holidays. These are exceptional times, and I don't understand why the schools did not remain open during the summer and help the children catch up with their education. There is still concern about whether the schools should open in September. There is some speculation that pubs and restaurants may have to close again to offset the risk of schools opening. How one relates to the other, I do not understand, but the fear of a second wave has paralysed society. Are we now so risk averse then we cannot contemplate returning to work or allowing schools to open until such time as a vaccine is developed? Of course, a vaccine is not likely to be available for months, but already we are seeing daily reports of jobs being shed; the damage being wrought on peoples livelihoods and wellbeing will, if we are not careful, be so much worse than the effects of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the virtuous left continue with their nonsense. White privilege, unconscious bias, decolonizing the curriculum, 2+2=5. I am tired of these charlatans trying to rip this country apart. How does it help society when one is castigated for being the “wrong” colour? How can the noxious bilge they spout break down racial division? Of course, it is obvious to anyone with a modicum of sense that all it does is stoke the flames, widen the divisions. The inflammatory rhetoric has consequences; over the weekend a black “militia” paraded through the streets of Brixton. I have no idea what point they were trying to make but some described the turn of events as sinister. I have to say they looked about as threatening as Dad's Army, but there may be some agitators out there who will want to respond in kind.

Social distancing rules are being ignored, parties and raves attended by hundreds routinely take place around the country, and if the police try and disperse the revellers, they get attacked. Respect for law and order is in places breaking down, and with another hot spell forecast for the next few days, I worry that we will see more disturbances if not riots. I suspect the lockdown madness will continue for some time yet.

5th August 2020

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