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The race baiters are only interested in fanning the flames. They have no interest in trying to heal the divisions.

The constant lecturing on race is becoming tiresome. The failure to even engage with the arguments raised by the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities is dispiriting. Why can its critics not even countenance the possibility that racism is not the sole explanation for the different outcomes between those of differing ethnic groups?

For example, where coronavirus is concerned, the data indicates that black and Asian people are affected worse than white. Is this racism? Black people suffer with sickle cell disease in far higher numbers than do people of other races. Many people from the Indian sub-continent are lactose intolerant. Could ones reaction to coronavirus, and the differing outcomes, in fact arise from genetics or customs?

Black women are reported to suffer disproportionality high levels of complications during pregnancy compared with white women. When the NHS is staffed in disproportionality high numbers by doctors and nurses of back and Asian heritage can racism really be the only possible explanation for the differences?

As for the point raised by the report that some poor white children are in a worse position than their black neighbours, for some that is simply heresy. The critics find it so much easier to attack the authors of the report than to accept that they may have a point.

As I have said before, the race baiters are only interested in fanning the flames. They have no interest in trying to heal the divisions.

21st April 2021


Do you not think they have every right to respond?

Prince William yesterday said that his family is not racist. Of course the usual suspects appear, explaining that as someone who has never experienced racism he has no right to comment. Once more, it is clear that if someone alleges racism, they must be believed. It does not matter there is no evidence, we simply have to take their word for it.

Leaving aside such nonsense, he may not have been the subject of racism, but William and the rest of his family have however been accused of being racist; do you not think they have every right to respond to that?

12th March 2021

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The Magical Power of Words

Sanctify them in the truth; Your word is truth.

No, not a recent headline, but a quote from the Bible, referring to God's infallibility. The same quote could however, be applied to a certain Royal couple, and their recent interview. There is something akin to religious fervour in the way their supporters accept as gospel every word they utter. Of course, once they invoked the magical words racism and mental health, who would dare question them?

Once those words were uttered all discussion on the matter was brought to an end. The words are the truth and one cannot dispute them. Her truth is the truth. Any attempt to question what has been uttered, and one is caste out into the wilderness, a pariah, a non-believer to be shunned.

The situation is utterly ridiculous. There are always (at least) two sides to any disagreement. If she had suffered racist abuse or mental health problems, then she has every right to seek help and assistance. However if in making those allegations she impugns the character of individuals and institutions, then one has every right to raise questions. Can you imagine a situation if the same standards were applied to Boris Johnson or Mike Hancock when questioned about their handling of the pandemic? Would we simply accept that their word is truth?

11th March 2021

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Are we supposed to feel sorry for a couple of whining rich kids?

With thousands of people daily mourning the loss of loved ones, businesses going under and jobs being lost, in the midst of the worst crisis any of us have seen are we supposed to feel sorry for a couple of self indulgent, whining, spoilt rich kids?

I wish they'd hurry up and make good on their professed desire for a private life.

9th March 2021

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A government which has been in power too long will become bloated, self serving and corrupt

A busy time of late, which might explain why I have been so quiet. Just one thought for the moment, concerning the ongoing dispute between Sturgeon and Salmond in Scotland. A government which has been in power too long will, whatever their stripe, become bloated, self serving and corrupt. The SNP is no different, their primary concern being to hold onto power rather than working for the good of the people.

I know there isn't much in the way of opposition in Scottish politics. One could say Scotland is a one party state. The current farrago illustrates the fact that too much power is vested in the hands of the one party, which cannot be good for democracy. It is probably too much to hope that come the next election, Scottish voters will give the SNP a good kicking, and a reminder of where their duty lies.

28th February 2021

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What have the Austrians done to offend Islam?

When the teacher Samuel Paty was murdered in France, we were told he had brought it on himself. What did he expect, they said, showing those terribly insensitive cartoons? When the next attack occurred, this time in Nice, some commentators explained the act was un-Islamic, but France had to pay for the crimes of colonialism.

Now the attack in Vienna, and I am left to wonder what is it the Austrians have done to offend Islam? Perhaps they remain upset that the Austrian capital stood as a bulwark against the invading Ottomans in the 17th century, and prevented Europe being overrun.

Despite what the apologists might say there is no justification for this or any of the other earlier attacks. What we are seeing is an assault on European values, a war being waged against our society by groups of Islamists who are offended by our laws, our culture and our way of life.

The Islamists pose a greater long term threat to the stability of Europe than the coronavirus, and this assault on our society cannot be allowed to continue. President Macron is reported to have promised after Paty’s murder to crack down on Islamist extremism, including shutting down mosques and other organisations accused of fomenting radicalism and violence.

The nations of Europe should follow the President's lead and root out this evil.

4th November 2020

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The government is driving this country into utter penury

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson announced yesterday that as of next Thursday England would be going into a second national lockdown. The experts are worried that a surge of cases over the next few weeks will overwhelm the hospitals, and the NHS will be unable to cope. We were told in the spring a lockdown was needed so that the NHS could prepare, so why the need for a lockdown now? What has been the point of the restrictions of the last 6 months? Surely the NHS should have been ready for what they knew would be a difficult winter?

What of the impact on people's livelihoods and businesses, of the effect on people's physical and mental health? As to when this lockdown will end, there is uncertainty. In yesterday's announcement we were told it would end on the 2nd December. Today, it emerges that a review will be carried out on that date, so the lockdown might end then, but it is possible it will continue.

The government is driving this country into utter penury, and all to control a disease that by and large severely affects only the elderly and those with underlying conditions. Complete madness.

1st November 2020

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I have yet to see a single article questioning why adherents of Islam believe they are justified in butchering innocent citizens

French citizens, having been butchered in Paris and Nice, the media is picking over arguments about what France has done wrong, how it has incited the violence we now see. I have though yet to see a single article questioning why adherents of Islam believe they are justified in butchering innocent citizens. Where is the article asking whether such a religion has a place in modern society?

France has a long history of secularism, going back to the post-Revolutionary period. The laws apply to all citizens, whatever their religious beliefs, so why should France be expected to make an exception for Islam? Why should they be expected to treat Islam with any more respect than they do Christianity? And if they make an exception for Islam on the subject of satirical cartoons, what comes next? Fundamentalist Islam treats women as second class citizens; will all women be required to walk behind their husband, for fear of upsetting the Islamic community?

If you want to believe in God, if you want to follow a particular religious doctrine, that is entirely your right, and that right should be protected. However, in a secular society, whether it is France or Britain, when the religious beliefs come into conflict with state laws, then the state laws must always take primacy. The right to freedom of speech is a basic tenet of a free society, and that includes the right to satirise and question any and all religions. If that means the publication of what you consider to be offensive cartoons, then so be it. After all it is that very same freedom that allows you to practise your religion in peace.

Vive la France.

1st November 2020

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The barbarity of Islamic fundamentalism is there for all to see

Two weeks after the murder of teacher Samuel Paty, three more people have been murdered in France. This time the attack took place at the Basilica of Notre-Dame in Nice. According to the BBC

One elderly victim who had come to pray was “virtually beheaded”

Despite reports that the murderer shouted 'Allahu Akbar' several times during the attack, the usual suspects are already lining up to argue that the act had nothing to do with Islam.

It is as if we have learnt nothing in the last 5 years. In 2015, following the attack on The Bataclan, some on social media were using the hashtag #terrorhasnoreligon, arguing that religion, and specifically Islam, had no bearing on the the actions of the terrorists. I didn't agree then and I don't agree now.

As I commented in 2015, the perpetrators of these terrible actions

Proselytise a barbaric, medieval interpretation of Islam, which they use to justify the murder and beheading of non-believers, the rape of women, the selling of young girls into slavery, the throwing of gay men from roof tops and the destruction of pre-Muhammaden culture.

They use religion to justify their actions and one cannot divorce their beliefs from those actions. The barbarity of Islamic fundamentalism is there for all to see, and unless we acknowledge the nature of the beast we cannot possibly formulate a suitable response to the threat posed.

Rather than offering sympathy and platitudes, it time for the governments of Western Europe to take meaningful action.

29th October 2020

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Murdered because he taught freedom of expression.

We wake this morning to the news that a teacher has been murdered in France in what the French government has described as an Islamist terrorist attack.

According to the BBC report,

The victim is said to have shown controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad to his pupils.

The French President, Mr Macron said the as yet unnamed teacher was murdered because,

He taught freedom of expression.

A teacher murdered for discussing a subject his murderer objected to. On social media, the useful idiots are already making excuses, trying have us believe this has nothing to do with Islam, others agreeing that the teachers murder was awful, but by showing cartoons of the Prophet he brought it on himself.

I have in the past expressed the view that multi-culturalism is a failed experiment perpetrated on society. Mass immigration has simply allowed the import of religious intolerance and cultural beliefs that have no place in western society.

When will our leaders acknowledge their is a problem?

17th October 2020

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