The Magical Power of Words

Sanctify them in the truth; Your word is truth.

No, not a recent headline, but a quote from the Bible, referring to God's infallibility. The same quote could however, be applied to a certain Royal couple, and their recent interview. There is something akin to religious fervour in the way their supporters accept as gospel every word they utter. Of course, once they invoked the magical words racism and mental health, who would dare question them?

Once those words were uttered all discussion on the matter was brought to an end. The words are the truth and one cannot dispute them. Her truth is the truth. Any attempt to question what has been uttered, and one is caste out into the wilderness, a pariah, a non-believer to be shunned.

The situation is utterly ridiculous. There are always (at least) two sides to any disagreement. If she had suffered racist abuse or mental health problems, then she has every right to seek help and assistance. However if in making those allegations she impugns the character of individuals and institutions, then one has every right to raise questions. Can you imagine a situation if the same standards were applied to Boris Johnson or Mike Hancock when questioned about their handling of the pandemic? Would we simply accept that their word is truth?

11th March 2021

#freespeech #racism