The lockdown madness is set to continue for some time

In recent weeks the pubs and restaurants have been allowed to open. I have enjoyed visiting favourite watering holes, sitting around with friends and family talking and drinking real cask ales! It is though a little strange being served by staff wearing masks, but if that is the price we have to pay for a degree of normality, I can live with it.

As for the schools, can you believe that after being closed between March and July, they reopened for a couple of weeks, and then promptly closed again for the summer holidays. These are exceptional times, and I don't understand why the schools did not remain open during the summer and help the children catch up with their education. There is still concern about whether the schools should open in September. There is some speculation that pubs and restaurants may have to close again to offset the risk of schools opening. How one relates to the other, I do not understand, but the fear of a second wave has paralysed society. Are we now so risk averse then we cannot contemplate returning to work or allowing schools to open until such time as a vaccine is developed? Of course, a vaccine is not likely to be available for months, but already we are seeing daily reports of jobs being shed; the damage being wrought on peoples livelihoods and wellbeing will, if we are not careful, be so much worse than the effects of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the virtuous left continue with their nonsense. White privilege, unconscious bias, decolonizing the curriculum, 2+2=5. I am tired of these charlatans trying to rip this country apart. How does it help society when one is castigated for being the “wrong” colour? How can the noxious bilge they spout break down racial division? Of course, it is obvious to anyone with a modicum of sense that all it does is stoke the flames, widen the divisions. The inflammatory rhetoric has consequences; over the weekend a black “militia” paraded through the streets of Brixton. I have no idea what point they were trying to make but some described the turn of events as sinister. I have to say they looked about as threatening as Dad's Army, but there may be some agitators out there who will want to respond in kind.

Social distancing rules are being ignored, parties and raves attended by hundreds routinely take place around the country, and if the police try and disperse the revellers, they get attacked. Respect for law and order is in places breaking down, and with another hot spell forecast for the next few days, I worry that we will see more disturbances if not riots. I suspect the lockdown madness will continue for some time yet.

5th August 2020

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