Murdered because he taught freedom of expression.

We wake this morning to the news that a teacher has been murdered in France in what the French government has described as an Islamist terrorist attack.

According to the BBC report,

The victim is said to have shown controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad to his pupils.

The French President, Mr Macron said the as yet unnamed teacher was murdered because,

He taught freedom of expression.

A teacher murdered for discussing a subject his murderer objected to. On social media, the useful idiots are already making excuses, trying have us believe this has nothing to do with Islam, others agreeing that the teachers murder was awful, but by showing cartoons of the Prophet he brought it on himself.

I have in the past expressed the view that multi-culturalism is a failed experiment perpetrated on society. Mass immigration has simply allowed the import of religious intolerance and cultural beliefs that have no place in western society.

When will our leaders acknowledge their is a problem?

17th October 2020

#politics #multiculturalism