Why do the media, celebrities and the useful idiots of the white middle class insist on this programme of self flagellation?

According to the BBC programme Countryfile “many in Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups see the countryside as being a white environment.”

Justin Welby the Archbishop of Canterbury was asked for his response to those who have suggested that because statues of Jesus Christ tend to depict him as a white European, those statues should be toppled. According to the Telegraph, Welby agreed that the depiction of Christ in Western countries should change and criticised the “sense that God is white.”

On the subject of cultural appropriation, BBC Good Food is apparently reviewing its huge archive of recipes, and changing any unacceptable words or phrases that might be considered “offensive”.

When will this stupidity end? Nobody is stopped from visiting any other part of the country simply because of the colour of their skin. The nations statues and monuments are a reflection of the society that built them, and its hardly surprising that in Britain, which was and remains predominantly white, Jesus Christ is depicted as a white man. As for cultural appropriation, surely the exchange and sharing of the best parts of each others cultures, and which brings people together in mutual appreciation, is to be welcomed?

In a recent survey, people were asked if they would be content for our children to marry someone of a different race. About 70% strongly agreed, compared with 41% a decade ago.

According to the Government report, Entry Rates into Higher Education, in 2006 21.6% of black children aged 18 went on to University. By 2018 that figure was up to 41.2%. By contrast in 2006 21.8% of white children aged 18 went on to University, the figure rising only a little to 29.5% in 2018.

According to the report the biggest increase in entry rates between 2006 and 2018 was among black pupils

Society has its problems, but they are not be as bad as the headlines would have you believe. Dig a little deeper, and the evidence points to the fact that Britain is one of the most tolerant and least racist countries in the world.

Why then do the media, celebrities and the useful idiots of the white middle class insist on this programme of self flagellation? Why must the white majority reject its heritage? Why must it apologise for the wrongs of generations long dead? Why can we not look to the future as one nation, as one race, whilst at the same time respecting and appreciating all cultures?

If we are to avoid a complete fracturing of society, we would do well to remember Nelson Mandela's words of warning;

When we dehumanise and demonise our opponents, we abandon the possibility of peacefully resolving our differences.

29th June 2020

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