Lockdown Two

The government is driving this country into utter penury

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson announced yesterday that as of next Thursday England would be going into a second national lockdown. The experts are worried that a surge of cases over the next few weeks will overwhelm the hospitals, and the NHS will be unable to cope. We were told in the spring a lockdown was needed so that the NHS could prepare, so why the need for a lockdown now? What has been the point of the restrictions of the last 6 months? Surely the NHS should have been ready for what they knew would be a difficult winter?

What of the impact on people's livelihoods and businesses, of the effect on people's physical and mental health? As to when this lockdown will end, there is uncertainty. In yesterday's announcement we were told it would end on the 2nd December. Today, it emerges that a review will be carried out on that date, so the lockdown might end then, but it is possible it will continue.

The government is driving this country into utter penury, and all to control a disease that by and large severely affects only the elderly and those with underlying conditions. Complete madness.

1st November 2020

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