Lockdown is Over

For most people the lockdown is over

Yesterday tens of thousands of people descended on Bournemouth. The Government's guidance on social distancing was utterly ignored. Meanwhile in London, large parties have turned nasty, with groups of youths attacking the police when asked to disperse.

For most people the lockdown is over. Support for the Government's guidance was sorely tested following Dominic Cummings jaunt to Durham. There then followed 2 weekends of protests and rioting, when again social distancing was ignored, but which has not resulted in any discernible increase in the number of new cases of covid-19. We are left asking if the lockdown is now serving any useful purpose.

I worry that what we have seen is the beginning of a summer of discontent. There is no confidence in the Government. Many people are tired of the lockdown, of the infringement of basic liberties, and are taking matters into their own hands. The police have neither the resources or the willpower to prevent hordes of people heading for tourist hot spots. As for the inner cities, having 'taken the knee', the police have lost all credibility with the youth of those communities, and I fear we will see more incidents of police officers being attacked.

We are living through strange times. Whilst the threat posed by the virus seems to be receding, we now face the prospect of a summer of lockdown induced madness.

26th June 2020

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