Identity Politics

Widening the divisions helps no one.

“White Lives Matter Burnley” proclaimed the banner being dragged through the air over the Etihad Stadium yesterday. The perpetrators face police investigation into what has been described as a “racist stunt”. Officials at Burnley Footbal Club have said they will issue lifetime bans to the supporters responsible for arranging the flight.

Unsavoury though the episode was, are you really that surprised? By its very nature, “identity politics” sows the seeds of division, pits one group against the other. All the while the white community is told it is “privileged”, that it should be “ashamed of its history”, that it should “bend the knee”, there will be a disdainful reaction.

Societies wrongs will not be resolved until such time as we can treat every person and each others cultures with respect. Widening the divisions helps no one.

23rd June 2020

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