Dismissing the heritage of the majority will not win any converts to your cause

I have always thought that the way to bring people of all backgrounds together and to fight inequality is to emphasise those aspects that unite us.

In 1945 Dr. Pauli Murray, a black rights activist wrote;

I intend to destroy segregation by positive and embracing methods. When my brothers try to draw a circle to exclude me, I shall draw a larger circle to include them. Where they speak out for the privileges of a puny group, I shall shout for the rights of all mankind

If we are to heal the divisions it needs to be recognised that we are all citizens of one nation and to that extent we share a common heritage, a heritage that could be the rallying point that brings all parts of society together.

The Cenotaph and the statue of Winston Churchill are revered in the UK. They are symbols of this country's fight against the Nazi's, and defacing those monuments does nothing but deepen the divide between protesters and the wider population. Dismissing the heritage of the majority will not win any converts to your cause.

There is unfairness in society, affecting all ethnic groups, driven in good part by socio-economic factors and poor educational outcomes, and a resultant inequality of opportunity. It is that inequality that needs to be addressed; make that your cause, and I will stand at your shoulder and support you all the way.

To close, and another quote from Dr. Murray;

The lesson of history that all human rights are indivisible and that the failure to adhere to this principle jeopardizes the rights of all is particularly applicable here. A built-in hazard of an aggressive ethnocentric movement which disregards the interests of other disadvantaged groups is that it will become parochial and ultimately self-defeating in the face of hostile reactions, dwindling allies, and mounting frustrations...Only a broad movement for human rights can prevent the Black Revolution from becoming isolated and can insure ultimate success.

8th June 2020

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