How can any right minded person think that castigating the people, culture and history of the host nation will bring an end to racism?

I wrote the following back in September 2018;

Apparently next week is Cultural Diversity Week, and it seems that my employer is wholeheartedly supporting this initiative. There will be videos and seminars, and no doubt every senior member of the management team will be issuing emails extolling the virtues of multiculturalism. I have no doubt it will also be one of the topics at the next training meeting.

The company is not alone, all big businesses are trying to portray themselves as woke, to ensure there is no backslash from the illiberal left, to ensure they can continue to sell products to those who self define as Communist anti-capitalists. The irony of the situation.

The vehemence directed at persons or organisations that do not accept the diversity and multicultural agenda is fierce and one can understand why most feel it is easier simply to accept the dogma rather than question it. But does diversity training really encourage inclusion?

How can emphasising the differences help us forget the differences? How can diversity training reduce the notion of us and them that underpins racist attitudes? Surely the way to bring people of all backgrounds together is to emphasise those aspects that unite us. So in the case of our employment, the fact we work for the same business, we work as a team, we all have broadly similar goals and aspirations, and we all want to succeed.

It seems a simple enough notion to me, but I suspect mine will be a lone voice at next week’s meeting.

Two years on, and the madness continues. Now it is not enough to accept the notion that cultural diversity brings nothing but benefits. Now we must also accept that all white people are inherently racist, that we must apologies for the wrong doings of people long dead and that the history of the indigenous majority must be “decolonised”. Continued unchecked we will be expected to enthusiastically accept all cultures, with the exception of our own, which we will be required to denounce.

How can this be right? How can any right minded person think that castigating the people, culture and history of the host nation will bring an end to racism? It won't, but of course we know that isn't the aim of #BLM and its ilk. Racial disharmony is big business; just look at the amounts pledged to BLM UK, and you will see there are plenty of people who have a vested interest in promoting and continuing disharmony.

It is time, whatever your skin colour or racial background, to start pushing back, to stand as one against their destructive agenda.

8th September 2020

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