Amidst the mayhem and uncertainty, the government has proven to be next to useless.

We are now officially into autumn. The days are shortening noticeably, but it has remained warm and pleasant. The summer madness that has afflicted society also continues unabated.

This week has seen a growing number of people testing positive for the coronavirus, the numbers increasing at a rate similar to that experienced in February. However, the numbers being admitted to hospital has not risen at the same alarming rate it did in the spring. The experts cannot explain why this might be.

There are numerous local restrictions in place, and talk of another nationwide lockdown. An assortment of malcontents, opposed to lockdowns, face masks and vaccines, were out on the streets of London over the weekend to protest against the current measures and the consequent impingement on civil liberties. Some violence ensued as the police tried to control the demonstration.

The culture wars show no signs of ending. What I find odd is that we are told we live in a multi cultural society, that we should celebrate and embrace diversity, but it is only white/European culture that has to confront its history, that has to change. Say the same of any other culture, and you would be denounced as a racist.

Some footballers have taken the brave step of refusing to take the knee before every match, and of course they are vilified by some for doing so. Their refusal to kneel put me in mind of a paragraph written by Hannah Arendt in her book The Origins of Totalitarianism;

Men have been found to resist the most powerful monarchs and to refuse to bow down before them, but few indeed have been found to resist the crowd, to stand up alone before misguided masses, to face their implacable frenzy without weapons and with folded arms to dare a no when a yes is demanded.

The demands of BLM and their acolytes, expecting all to kneel before them, and dispensing swift and sometimes violent penalties against those who don't, is the very definition of totalitarianism. They have become the very thing they profess to oppose.

Amidst the mayhem and uncertainty, the government has proven to be next to useless. Their policies change from week to week, there is no consistency, no obvious route out of the current crisis. Boris Johnson is rarely seen and there is a complete lack of leadership. It feels as if the country is drifting. People are concerned, if not scared; the pandemic is out of control, we are worried about job security, and whether some will be able to keep a roof over their heads.

To continue drifting risks deepening the divisions within society. If Mr Johnson cannot provide the strong leadership this country needs he should step aside and let someone who has the capability take his place.

21st September 2020

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