The barbarity of Islamic fundamentalism is there for all to see

Two weeks after the murder of teacher Samuel Paty, three more people have been murdered in France. This time the attack took place at the Basilica of Notre-Dame in Nice. According to the BBC

One elderly victim who had come to pray was “virtually beheaded”

Despite reports that the murderer shouted 'Allahu Akbar' several times during the attack, the usual suspects are already lining up to argue that the act had nothing to do with Islam.

It is as if we have learnt nothing in the last 5 years. In 2015, following the attack on The Bataclan, some on social media were using the hashtag #terrorhasnoreligon, arguing that religion, and specifically Islam, had no bearing on the the actions of the terrorists. I didn't agree then and I don't agree now.

As I commented in 2015, the perpetrators of these terrible actions

Proselytise a barbaric, medieval interpretation of Islam, which they use to justify the murder and beheading of non-believers, the rape of women, the selling of young girls into slavery, the throwing of gay men from roof tops and the destruction of pre-Muhammaden culture.

They use religion to justify their actions and one cannot divorce their beliefs from those actions. The barbarity of Islamic fundamentalism is there for all to see, and unless we acknowledge the nature of the beast we cannot possibly formulate a suitable response to the threat posed.

Rather than offering sympathy and platitudes, it time for the governments of Western Europe to take meaningful action.

29th October 2020

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