What have the Austrians done to offend Islam?

When the teacher Samuel Paty was murdered in France, we were told he had brought it on himself. What did he expect, they said, showing those terribly insensitive cartoons? When the next attack occurred, this time in Nice, some commentators explained the act was un-Islamic, but France had to pay for the crimes of colonialism.

Now the attack in Vienna, and I am left to wonder what is it the Austrians have done to offend Islam? Perhaps they remain upset that the Austrian capital stood as a bulwark against the invading Ottomans in the 17th century, and prevented Europe being overrun.

Despite what the apologists might say there is no justification for this or any of the other earlier attacks. What we are seeing is an assault on European values, a war being waged against our society by groups of Islamists who are offended by our laws, our culture and our way of life.

The Islamists pose a greater long term threat to the stability of Europe than the coronavirus, and this assault on our society cannot be allowed to continue. President Macron is reported to have promised after Paty’s murder to crack down on Islamist extremism, including shutting down mosques and other organisations accused of fomenting radicalism and violence.

The nations of Europe should follow the President's lead and root out this evil.

4th November 2020

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